Mom asks, “Why me?”


Mom had the deepest respect for doctors, and almost always took any medication prescribed to her.  She also saw fit to stop any medication she thought she didn’t need without consulting her doctor. Often, she would say, “There were no more refills,” or “It does nothing to help.”

One such time I could remember was when mom visited California a few months after she started medication for hypertension. She came without refills since the doctor in New York didn’t tell her to refill it. Two weeks into her visit, I came home to mom standing alone in the garage, holding a towel to her nose. Bleeding, she cried, “I don’t want to get your floor full of blood.” Panicked, we rushed to Mission Hospital, where the doctor packed her nose with gauze after waiting a few hours, then sent her home with several refills of medication for high blood pressure. The caring doctor made her promise to continue the medication, probably for the rest of her life. She said, “I promise.” And to this day, still takes it.

Years ago, her doctor strongly recommended the addition of calcium. Mom thought she didn’t need it. “I drink plenty of milk, eat cheese, and get sunshine,” was her retort after I sent her bottles of various brands of calcium to try. I get it–back then the tablets were huge and hard to swallow. Begging her to take the calcium fell on deaf ears. Adamantly, she’d say, “I don’t like it.”

Three weeks ago, mom bumped into a doorjamb in her home after loosing her footing. At 92, she is frail. In the past two or three years, she has fallen several times and had to spend some time in rehab to learn how to regain her balance. This bump in the doorjamb found her with a broken clavicle, scapula and tenth rib. On top of that, she has an unproductive cough and it’s hard to avoid pain when she “gets that tickle.”

So, when she asks me, “Why me?” I find myself thinking about all the pleading I did, to remind her to take the calcium I sent.

Now, I have my mom’s genes and many of the same ailments. Diagnosed with Osteopenia a few years ago, I also poo-poo’d the power of calcium. I also have difficulty swallowing pills, but found the gummy calcium are to my liking. Having not taken them ‘religiously’ yet, I will now, for I’m in New York this week visiting mom, and see how frail she has become. She needs help with everyday tasks, and lifting her, I feel her bones cracking as if they’ll turn to dust.

Ladies, please: If you are at the age where menopause is beginning, and estrogen levels start to deplete, run out and get your calcium if your physician says to. I now see how important it is, and no amount of milk or cheese is going to replace bones that soften.

Let’s try never to ask, “Why me?”



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For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

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For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

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For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT
I, “Sadie Goodman”, because of the burden of my illness and realizing the end of my life is near, do hereby bury my Last Will and Testament in the minds of my Humans. They will not know it is there until after I am dead. Then, remembering me in their loneliness, they will suddenly know of this testament, and I ask them then to inscribe it as a memorial to me.
I have little in the way of material things to leave. Dogs are wiser than men. They do not set great store upon things. They do not waste their days hoarding property. They do not ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep the objects they have and to obtain the objects they have not. There is nothing of value…

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For Sadie

This was written by Lorraine Handley for her Golden Retriever Azra. I was so touched by it, I asked for her permission to post it here in honor of my wonderful Sadie, who also journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge April 12, 2013. I love you Forever Sadie.

The angels came to wait for you.. they came to you last night
they wanted you to go with them but the time was not quite right.
they walked with you along the path, but you stopped atop the ridge.
I saw you turn and lift your beautiful golden head and look right down at us
The angels came to wait for you.. It’s not your time, not just yet..
Please wait a while.. but you don’t want a fuss
It seems like just last week you came, so tiny and so new
and now it’s time for you to leave. Oh how I will miss you
You wait there with your maker and sit there by his side
he points to where your star will be. Yes. you’ll have your very own
and I will find it on the nights when I’m feeling all alone.
The brightest star of all the stars will shine out in the dark
and if I listen hard enough I’ll sometimes hear you bark.
Today the angels wait with you and you stand up on that ridge
they are ready and just waiting, to walk you to the bridge.
Good bye my friend and thank you
and as you leave my arms, please walk with them and let them take you home.
For heaven is, i’ve heard, for all the best and beautiful dogs to roam..
RIP my Azra. In my heart forever.
Author Lorraine Handley
(Gpfetch Goldens 24-12-2014)

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Sexy Sadie Goodman

Sexy Sadie Goodman.

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Love and Hate

Feeling Sad…

I like Facebook, but I hate Facebook. We tend to share our lives thru Facebook. But we also share who dies.

Sometimes, friends don’t talk to each other for 2 months, sometimes those times stretch into ten or more years. Time passages don’t matter to me, I know we’re still friends and can pick up where we left off quite easily.

If I held hands with you, hugged you, skipped with you, broke bread with you,  please know that I love you, and I cherish seeing your faces and accomplishments on Facebook. I also cry with you when the sad times hit. Today is one of those days. Today,  I just want to let my friends and family know I love them dearly. No matter how fast time flies.

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Moore Music For Oklahoma-Helping to Heal, One Song at a Time.

Moore Music For Oklahoma-Helping to Heal, One Song at a Time..

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