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For Sadie

This was written by Lorraine Handley for her Golden Retriever Azra. I was so touched by it, I asked for her permission to post it here in honor of my wonderful Sadie, who also journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge April … Continue reading

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Being Prepared…

A Patron Saint still standing in Rockaway NY. I am not a religious person, but this picture speaks volumes to me. As a former resident of NY, (Brooklyn) Central NJ, and Queens NY, I am humbled by the force of … Continue reading

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I just had to share this with all… (originally written by Dave Griffith) “CRANKY OLD MAN” What do you see nurses? . . .. . .What do you see? What are you thinking .. . when you’re looking at me? … Continue reading

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Catching My Breath

I almost “died laughing” yesterday. Having some time to kill prior to being picked up for a good friends birthday party, I turned the TV on to “Bridesmaids.” ┬áIf you’ve not seen this movie, rent it or check with your … Continue reading

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Gutsy Living Blog Contest Please copy and paste this into your browser. It would mean so much to me if you would read my story here and post a vote for me. There is a dot by my name on the right side … Continue reading

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Megan died yesterday. She died while she was just starting Life. Tosh, her infant son was just being born. Jody, Megan’s husband of 1 year, and Caden, Megan’s son awaited the birth of Tosh with wonderful anticipation, and instead faced … Continue reading

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Holocaust Revelations

Holocaust Revelations By Es Goodman Mom kept over sixty years of her private war locked up inside her. Mom is a survivor. It was during one of my annual visits to New York when she decided to open up to … Continue reading

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