Love and Hate

Feeling Sad…

I like Facebook, but I hate Facebook. We tend to share our lives thru Facebook. But we also share who dies.

Sometimes, friends don’t talk to each other for 2 months, sometimes those times stretch into ten or more years. Time passages don’t matter to me, I know we’re still friends and can pick up where we left off quite easily.

If I held hands with you, hugged you, skipped with you, broke bread with you,  please know that I love you, and I cherish seeing your faces and accomplishments on Facebook. I also cry with you when the sad times hit. Today is one of those days. Today,  I just want to let my friends and family know I love them dearly. No matter how fast time flies.


About columbo1es

Female, aspiring writer. I've been writing my mothers memoirs for 4 years. First draft is complete. Holocaust Revelations is about the journey I took gathering and researching information world wide, and the relationships I formed trying to connect the dots to my mothers past.
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