For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT
I, “Sadie Goodman”, because of the burden of my illness and realizing the end of my life is near, do hereby bury my Last Will and Testament in the minds of my Humans. They will not know it is there until after I am dead. Then, remembering me in their loneliness, they will suddenly know of this testament, and I ask them then to inscribe it as a memorial to me.
I have little in the way of material things to leave. Dogs are wiser than men. They do not set great store upon things. They do not waste their days hoarding property. They do not ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep the objects they have and to obtain the objects they have not. There is nothing of value I have to bequeath except my love and my faith. These I leave to all those who have loved me. To my Humans, who I know will mourn me the most, to my companions and cousins and — but if I should list all those who have loved me, it would force my Humans to write a book. Perhaps it is vain of me to boast when I am so near death, which returns all beasts and vanities to dust, but I have always been an extremely exceptional dog.
I ask my Humans to remember me always but not to grieve for me too long. In my life I have tried to be a comfort to them in time of sorrow and be a reason for added joy in their happiness. It is painful for me to think that even in death I should cause them pain. Let them remember that, while no dog ever had a happier life, I have now grown ill and pained. I should not want my pride to sink to a bewildered humiliation. It is time for me to say “good-by.” It will be a sorrow to leave them but not a sorrow to die. Dogs do not fear death as men do. I accept it as a part of life, not as something alien and terrible which destroys life. What will come to me after death?
Who knows! I would like to believe that I will be together in a place where one is always young and healthy; where I will someday be joined by companions I have known in life; where I will romp in lovely fields with those that have gone before me; where every hour is mealtime; where in long evenings there are fireplaces with logs forever burning, and one curls oneself up and remembers the old brave days on earth, and the love of one’s Humans.
This is much to expect, but peace, at least, is certain; and a long rest for these weakened limbs and eternal sleep is perhaps, after all, the best.
One last request I earnestly make. I ask them, for love of me, to have another. It would be a poor tribute to my memory never to have another dog. What I would like to feel is that, having once had me, they cannot live without a dog! I have never had a narrow spirit. I have always held that most dogs are good. Some dogs are better than others – like me – and so I suggest another female and possibly a rescue dog. She can hardly be as well
bred or as mannered or as distinguished and beautiful as I, but my Humans must not ask the impossible. She will do her best, I am sure, and even her inevitable defects will help keep my memory alive. To her I bequeath my red collar and leash. I leave her my place of comfort in Lauren’s room from which I loved so much.
One last word of farewell, dear Humans. Whenever you think of me, say to yourselves with regret but also with happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my happy life with you: “She is the one who loved us and whom we loved.” No matter how deep my sleep, I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.

Sexy Sadie Goodman  Born October 21, 1997, Died April 12, 2013` forever in our hearts
An adaptation of a work written in 1940 by Eugene O’Neill.


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Female, aspiring writer. I've been writing my mothers memoirs for 4 years. First draft is complete. Holocaust Revelations is about the journey I took gathering and researching information world wide, and the relationships I formed trying to connect the dots to my mothers past.
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3 Responses to For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

  1. Lisa Walsh says:

    Well written Es… did an amazing job. Lisa Walsh


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