For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

by columbo1es

For those who can’t understand my loss and question my grief in respect to what has transpired this past week; for those that say I lack compassion; I Say, Au Contraire. I have more compassion than you’ll possibly ever have.

Sadie was not here to witness the Boston bombings last week. But, Sadie was here when  the towers fell. She placed her paw in my hand and we grieved together. She witnessed many ills of the world and we shared our grief together every time. Yes, Sadie watched television, and loved to listen to the radio. Especially, “The Whole Nuther Thing,” featuring Bob Goodman.

For those that never loved a dog, I say, You are missing something extraordinary. Sadie had a knack for lifting me out of a crappy mood every time. The wag of her tail when she saw me; the ability to hold three tennis balls in her mouth, only to cough out one so I can throw it again; blinking at me to remind me to save her a bite of whatever I was eating; and cocking her head to one side as if she understood everything I said. I’m sure she did.

Those that knew Sadie loved her, and those that never met her loved her too. Most people have been understanding and compassionate to my loss. I appreciate all your cards and letters.

For those that say, “She was just a dog, you can get another,” I say, Fuck off.

Sadie 2

Sexy Sadie 10-19-1997 to 4-12-2013. RIP Sweet Angel.


About columbo1es

Female, aspiring writer. I've been writing my mothers memoirs for 4 years. First draft is complete. Holocaust Revelations is about the journey I took gathering and researching information world wide, and the relationships I formed trying to connect the dots to my mothers past.
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5 Responses to For Those Who Have Never Loved A Dog, I Say…

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  2. Alan Kraslow says:

    Those who don’t understand that a pet is a member of the family in so many ways, are probably best not having a pet. For those who met Sadie, her love was gentle and genuine. We mourn and grieve with you. For I just went through this with my beloved cat Tigger. Yes we can get another pet, but you can’t replace the true love that was for our furry friends. We can acquire a new love, but it is a different love. God Bless…. Krazz


  3. I went through this a few months ago with my beloved cat, Possum and a year before that with his fur sister, my sweet Pixie. I now have two new kitties – but I will always miss Possum and Pixie, and Minxie who was my very first furbaby. I understand the pain – I am so sorry for your loss.


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