Job hunting in this crappy economy

I’m sending this out to anyone and everyone who’s  frustrated with todays interview/employment climate.

YES, I’ve lowered my standards and recently answered a few ads on the dumbed down, unprofessional classified job website called Craig’s List.

YES, I’ve almost been the recipient of a few scams, but was fortunate enough to find the right people employed with major companies who instructed me not to apply to the bogus ad. More about this at a later date, when I decide to roll out all my experiences on Crappy Craig’s List.

Last night, I reluctantly applied to two help wanted ads. I should have listened to my ‘inner voice’, but then I would not have written this diatribe for all to read.

I received a phone call from an incompetant ‘genius’ at 6:50 PM on a Friday night. It was regarding my resume. The call went something like this. . .

Is this _____ _______?

I replied, “Yes.”

‘Genius’ went on to ask, “Did you send a resume to Craig’s list?”

My reply was, “Yes, may I ask when the ad was placed?”

‘Genius’ replied, “This is too awkward,” and hung up on me. Now, I don’t know which ad this was in response to, but I may decide to send this off to the CL job posting anyway. What do I have to lose?

Hey ‘genius’, I have a few important professional pointers for you in the interview arena.

1. DON’T call your applicants at 6:50 on a Friday night. That’s when all the telemarketers call and sure, some people can get defensive…not that I did.

2. DO NOT call from a crappy cell phone with crappier reception from your car. (How unprofessional is that?)

3. Initially, when you do call, please state who you are, the company name and the nature of your call. That’s how it’s done!

Now, I’d safely say that I’m overqualified for this position. Thanks for not wasting anymore of my time. Your telephone skills leave a lot to be desired. YOU, ‘genius’ should be fired. I can wager that I would do your job better than you ever could. I’d probably do your company a great service . . or perhaps even effectively run the damn company if incompetents like you are who they employ.

I’ve been on a few good face to face interviews and  have made follow up phone calls and sent emails regarding my status, but employers don’t have the decency to return calls or emails. Some employers never even acknowledge the resume you send. I know they may get hundreds of emails, but common courtesy dictates some sort of response; any response.

Thanks to all the readers for letting me vent and if you have any stories, please share them here.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.


About columbo1es

Female, aspiring writer. I've been writing my mothers memoirs for 4 years. First draft is complete. Holocaust Revelations is about the journey I took gathering and researching information world wide, and the relationships I formed trying to connect the dots to my mothers past.
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